Current Work

2011.05.14 - I am currently working to improve the html form style, and at the same time adding the nessasary additional inputs for upcoming new features. New feature options will appear in the web form before they are actually functional. I am also working on producing a PDF file of the roll chart using multiple columns to save paper and printing costs. This is the most requested feature.

Planned Future Releases (Subject to change with the weather)

  1. Support for the latest versions of Excel, 2007 and 2010
  2. PDF Output (with multiple columns)
  3. Reverse Order of Turn Instructions
  4. Overview Maps with waypoints and route using google maps
  5. HTML Output
  6. HTML Output with multiple columns
  7. Additional Input Formats
    1. GPX Files
    2. Google Map Routes
    3. Delorme StreetAtlas Files
    4. Garmin GDB and/or GPX Files
    5. XML Files to allow for soap transactions
  8. publish SOAP web service with gpx for other sites to use
  9. Wide Format
  10. Custom Tulip Diagrams