roll chart tool

The Roll Chart Tool generates a narrow format roll chart including standard tulip diagrams in MS-Excel by using an MS-Excel file as the input. Just download the MS-Excel Route Instruction Template, follow the instructions included in the template file by adding your own route details and turn instructions, and upload it to this web site. The web server will return an MS-Excel file with your original turn detail instruction input data in one sheet and a completely formatted roll chart based on this data on another sheet within the same workbook file.

Roll Chart Input
  1. Desired Output File

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File Type

MS-Excel input file needs to be an MS-Excel 2003 workbook or lower format. The new MS-Excel 2007 file format will not work. If you do not have MS-Excel you can use the freely available OpenOffice software to create and edit the Template file.

Sample Roll Chart Turn Instruction

Field Definitions:

Sample Roll Chart Segment

Key Words

If the words caution or attention are included in the text of the turn instructions, then a red or yellow colored header is included before that segment to accent the hazard.

If the distance between controls is small, less than 2/10ths of a mile; then a yellow header with the text Short Distance precedes the turn instruction. This helps to alert the dual sport rider that the next turn will be very quick.

If a tulip diagram is not defined for a turn, then a generic diagram will be selected based on the text of the turn instruction. For example, if the text for a particular turn instruction is Turn left and there is no tulip diagram defined for the record, then a generic left arrow diagram will be inserted as the tulip diagram for that turn instruction. The only keywords that are used are right, left, and straight with the optional modifiers bear and hard.


This tool would not be possible without the Perl Library Spreadsheet::WriteExcel maintained by John McNamara.